The ultimate in loft storage raised floors

Are your installers trained and approved to do this work?

Yes, highly trained in house and on site with experience qualified installers. Each installer takes a 6 to 8 week course learning how we install both our raised loft storage systems including ladders, loft hatches, lighting and roof windows. They are monitored by a designated trainer and are not allowed to install solo until they are fully approved and pass the high standards we set. Only then will they be approved by our installtion director. We are very strict on training and all our installers are continuesly monitored throught the year.

Can the LoftZone system be installed in any house or just new houses?

The LoftZone system is ideally suited to newer more modern built houses circa 1960 to date, those usually have a trussed supported roof. For houses with thin weaker joists like older terraced or detached there are other options, see this link

My builder told me I cant have loft boarding put down?

Thats not at all true, but they may not be aware of the LoftZone raised loft floor system. Most home builders are not keen on someone just laying boards down and removing or squashing the insulation, this is why they do not want you to board your loft. But with LoftZone StoreFloor you can, and the products used are BBA approved and comply to British Standards and building regulations part L & K.

Will the LoftZone system void my NHBC warranty?

We adhere to any new and existing building regulations and it is installed to the highest of standards and care and absolutely no structural compromise to the existing structure of the roof, ceiling or insulation, in fact it will add extra support.
Also with it being BBA approved its a recognised product within the building industry which complies to all required tests, checks and build regulations and will not affect your NHBC or similar new build home owners warranty.

Is it more expensive that traditional methods?

Comparing it metre for metre, materials and labour to install it works out about the same to construct the LoftZone system compared to  a wood raised area.

Are your raised loft floor solutions strong and safe to walk on?

Yes, very strong and will take several people and many storage boxes. Its safe to walk on and store on.

But I havent got a new build house, its Victorian?

Thats ok, we happen to have the perfect system for that, its our very our designed raised timber subframed system which is installed on internal walls and using the purlins for support so there is very little load directly on your ceiling so as not to putr pressure on your already old and weak ceiling joists. Its still raises the storage area 270mm above your ceiling to avoid the loft insulation and is installed using supporting hangers and internal wall in your loft. This is the safest and most strongest system that any loft storager conpany does right now. Gone are the old days of DIY methods, cheap quick board it to the joists methods, these no longer conform to building regualtions and will greatly affect your homes energy efficiency, unlike our LBNW timber system that improves your homes energy effciency.

What is the maximum area that can be boarded?

There is no limit, this system is modular and any size storage area can be created. Have half done now and half done later, the choice is yours, no limits!
As a bonus this system can easily be removed and transfer to another house utilising at least 99% of the existing system saving you a fortune starting all over again.
We do however recommend not boarding anymore that 3/4 of your loft space so as to allow airflow to continue without suffacation which can lead to damp. Leave the eaves free for air circulation.  

Is there a minimum required for installation?

This does depend on the rest of the package.
If you have a ladder, hatch and light as part of the installation the minimum we can install is around 4.5m² (48sq/ft)
But you can have any size that suits your exact requirements.

So why cant you just remove the insulation to board?

This is not good practice and frowned upon by the industry. Your insulation is their for a very good reason and that is to keep your home warmer for longer using less energy to heat it up therefore saving you lots of money all year round.
Start removing insulation and you will notice the difference immediately when your bills start to come in.
The same goes for squashing the insulation although it will still have some thermal properties its efficiency can be reduced by more than 50% when it is compressed and turns it from a breathable material in to a sponge for moisture so mold will develop if you suffocate your loft insulation.

So can this system be used just to provide an access platform for my boiler or solar equipment?

Yes it's not just about storage in your loft you may have electrical equipment up there, solar panel controllers, boilers, TV & Satellite equipment, computer networking or security systems and so on, we use our lofts more than we used to with new equipment and devices coming along.
The important thing is to make sure you have created a platform the service of this equipment. Some companies can refuse to work in an unsafe loft and request you have a platform fitted. So LoftZone is the ideal system to use we can create not just storage areas but walkways and working platforms to.

So is there an approved list of LoftZone installers?

Yes there is a list of approved installers for the UK.
Blackburn Loft Boarding a division of UK Loft Boarding Ltd are the official authorised installer for the Northwest of England (Click here for more information or to arrange a FREE no obligation survey)

If you're not in the Northwest area please do not hesitate to contact us so we can put you in the right direction of a local approved LoftZone installer

Do you issue a guarantee with an installation?

Yes we do offer a 5 year guarantee on all work, including loft ladders, hatches and lighting  (Excluding bulbs)

Can you install other loft storage related products?

We install packages consisting of raised and strengthened boarding on a LoftZone or dual timber supported sub-frame, ladders, hatches (alteration or enlarging), Roof windows,  lighting, sockets, loft shelving, top up insulation, roof liner dust sheets, balustrades, safety rails, electric loft doors and ladders, extra long wood loft doors and wide tread ladders, mini loft conversions for hobby rooms and study areas.

Do you have a main website I can visit for more information on loft storage?

Yes we have our main loft boarding for storage website full of information about everything loft storage related
Please visit

Is there a number I can call for advices?

Yes please call 0800 8799967 (Free Call Number)  or directly to our head office 01254 370073